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Ear Infection Follow Up

Ear infections are curable with treatment but may recur, so a follow-up with your health care provider may be necessary.

Preventive measures to avoid recurrence of infection in children can be taken, including:

  • Washing hands and toys frequently. Also, daycare with 6 or fewer children can lessen your child's chances of getting a cold or similar infection.
  • Avoiding pacifiers, especially at daycare.
  • Breastfeeding. This makes a child much less prone to ear infections. But, if bottle feeding, hold your infant in an upright, seated position.
  • Not exposing your child to secondhand smoke.
  • The pneumococcal vaccine prevents infections from the organism that most commonly causes acute ear infections and many respiratory infections.
  • Some evidence suggests that xylitol, a natural sweetener, may reduce ear infections.
  • Avoiding overuse of antibiotics.